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Landlords’ Concerns in Airbnb-ing

About This Course

This program presented by an author and leading landlord-tenant practitioner, Dov Treiman, draws on his experience representing landlords in litigation arising from tenants who sublease out their apartments for short term rentals, usually in violation of the law, typically in violation of their lease.

The course looks from multiple angles at the dangers these rentals present to landlords and to the apartment community. It also addresses how landlords can respond to these violations.

Finally, it enables landlords’ attorneys to draft leases that either prevent the short term rentals from happening in the first place, for fear of the drastic consequences, or actually impose those consequences if the tenant does the short term rental anyhow. The course, while drawn from the New York experience, is national in scope and directs practitioners to see what kinds of local laws and ordinances they will have to deal with when encountering these situations.

*This course qualifies as a Transitional course and can be taken by both Experienced and Newly Admitted attorneys in NY.

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