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Gilanco Holdings, LLC v. Henriquez

New York

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Issue Date: April 2006, Posted On: 4/1/2006

Ex-Super Can’t Delay Eviction

Gilanco Holdings, LLC v. Henriquez: Index No. 52089/06 (Civ. Ct. NY 3/6/06; Wendt, J) [2-pg. doc.]

(Decision submitted by Manhattan attorney Adam Leitman Bailey, who represented the landlord.)

Landlord sued to evict former building superintendent after the super’s employment was terminated. The court ruled for landlord and issued an eviction warrant. The super then asked the court to delay the eviction. The court ruled against the super. The eviction judgment was issued on Feb. 1, but had already been delayed by the court’s order to Feb. 28. The super was never a tenant and had paid no use and occupancy for the apartment. And landlord needed the apartment for the building’s new super.


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