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Landlord Wants Money From Lennon’s White Suit Sale

By Jen Carlson

January 17, 2011

Recently more of John Lennon’s material items were sold off at auction—this time around his famous white suit (as seen on the cover of Abbey Road), and his green 1972 Chrysler station wagon (as seen on the streets of Manhattan). There’s just one problem: the man who sold these items owes a lot of back rent for his former Manhattan apartment, and the landlord has come knockin’. According to the AP, the seller’s former landlord has sued the gallery that auctioned the suit (for $46K) and wants the proceeds to satisfy a rent debt.

Braswell Galleries, located in Norwalk, CT, was informed prior to the auction that a court determined seller Biond Fury owed more than $21,000 in rent to his former landlord Mark Arrow. Now Arrow wants that money from the gallery, saying his lawyer told them not to go through with the sale.

Arrow’s lawyer, Adam Leitman Bailey, says they had new hopes of getting the money when they saw the auction listed in the paper. He declared: “We’re all coming together over John Lennon.” Yep, just like that time Lennon came together with Strom Thurmond and the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service.

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