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Treiman Makes Law

January 29th, 2007

In 2006, the New York State Bar Association formed a Legislative Committee as part of the Real Property Section. As the Committee formed, Dov Treiman was among those invited to serve as a charter member of the Committee. Shortly thereafter, Treiman suggested that the Committee expand its scope from reviewing legislation pending before the Legislature to drafting and recommending select items of genuinely apolitical legislation, mostly on the order of clarifications of existing laws. The Committee embraced the concept.

Treiman’s first suggested piece of legislation was to create a “Technical Corrections Act,” which would address mistakes in the law. Treiman pointed out that there were two different sections of the Real Property Law both numbered “236.” He suggested that the one which deals with discrimination against children in trailer parks be renumbered “237-a” so as to appear in the law immediately after Section 237, a law prohibiting discrimination against bearing children. The Committee took Treiman’s suggested name for the bill itself, the renumbering suggestion, and suggestions from other members of the Committee to present and lobby the bill to the Legislature. In the closing days of the Pataki Administration, the governor signed the bill into law as Chapter 94 of the Laws of 2006.

Our congrats to Dov for this unique accomplishment. (We shudder to think what he’s up to next!)

Mr. Treiman is principally known as the creator of the Housing Court Reporter and author of some 80 books on landlord-tenant law. He is Special Counsel to the law firm of Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. where he heads up the firm’s Civil Court Landlord-Tenant Department.

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