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Man Plans to Sue For Being Denied Access to ‘Ancestral Home,” Curbed

By: Sara Polsky

August 16th, 2011

Nothing brightens a slow August day like a co-op board lawsuit, so we owe thanks to The Byron, the 165 East 32nd Street co-op where David Moldawer was born—and where his parents still own three units. Moldawer was all set to move, with his wife and son, into one of those three apartments (formerly occupied by his grandparents). But, according to DNAinfo, the co-op board refused to allow Moldawer and his movers into the building. Uh oh!

The board’s justification: the family isn’t moving into the same unit as David Moldawer’s parents, so they count as new tenants and have to go through the regular co-op board admissions process. The Moldawers have hired a lawyer and argue that the building is their “ancestral home.” The official lawsuit is pending, and in the meantime, the Moldawers are living out of a hotel room in Times Square.


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