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Brand New!!!! Finding The Uncommon Deal

By: Evan Farmer

March 17th, 2011

I recently had the honor of being asked to write the forward to a book that I believe to be – by far – the best of it’s kind. In this market more than ever, it’s important to have the tools and information to make smart real estate purchases, and Finding The Uncommon Deal does exactly that and … does it in language that de-mystifies the whole confusing experience. I had my first purchase with Adam’s help nearly 10 years ago and have hired him to assist with every purchase since then a I became a real estate investor. Over the years, Adam and I have since become friends and he’s been more than generous with me with his advice which, at his level, can otherwise come at a premium. What exists in this book could literally gave answered at least 90% of my previous questions over the years … which means the information in this book is … priceless. Whether you want a distinct advantage in this market or just don’t want to make the myriad of mistakes common in home buying – this book is a must-have tool! You can get it in stores or by clicking this weblink where you can not only buy it, but introduces you to the FREE companion site that gives specific tips, and assistance in your own state!


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