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One of New York’s best real estate attorneys is Adam Bailey of Adam Leitman Bailey

One of New York’s best real estate attorneys is Adam Bailey of Adam Leitman Bailey
In our monthly meetings with real estate executives, we heard again and again about a real estate attorney lauded for his tenacious and successful representation of his clients and feared by his adversaries.

When searching for more information about Bailey for New York Real Estate Journal’s “Executive of the Month,” we learned that during the past year alone:

1. He defeated one of the most reputable title companies in a land dispute requiring an interpretation of the recording statute by the Appellate Division of the State of New York.

2. Bailey obtained hundreds of thou-sands of dollars as well as the procurement of all repairs and the completion of the contracted construction for a number of condominium and tenant associations living in newly constructed buildings;

3. Bailey successfully evicted or relocated every residential and commercial tenant occupying an important Manhattan address in record time to allow for a major rehabilitation of the property and concluded with the negotiating and signing of leases for the commercial tenants;

4. When representing two high profile commercial tenants this year, he was able to ward off eviction for over three years and obtained a release for the hundreds of thou- sands of dollars in back rent owed despite the tenants’ lacking a lease agreement.

Since opening his law firm at the start of the new millennium, he has represented property owners, developers, banks, real estate brokerages, condominiums, cooperatives, commercial tenants, tenant associations as well as a number of celebrities. However, despite his long list of accomplishments, his clients are quick to point out that his greatest successes do not occur in the courtroom or at the closing table.

“Bailey’s greatest asset is his ability to obtain incredible results without having to spend large legal fees litigating” said Sean Adams of Empire Management. “Whether you call it being creative or having a vision, he is able to resolve problems before they occur and/or negotiate an amicable settlement. To tell you the truth, I really cannot explain how he does it.”

Bailey uses that same ability to persuade judges and he has created new legal precedents on our behalf that has greatly benefited our company. Simply, we have used a lot of law firms before meeting Adam Leitman Bailey and he may be the greatest attorney of our generation.”

Bailey’s firm’s landlord-tenant practice is marveled at by real estate professionals and attorneys alike for their ability to maximize profits for rent regulated multifamily properties. And real estate attorneys love him because “he is a lawyer’s lawyer—he makes us all look better whether he is litigating or doing the due diligence for a closing involving a rent regulated building,” said real estate attorney Karen Sonn.

Some of the biggest names in the business are using his firm not only to litigate but to prepare commercial leases and conduct their closings.

Steven Rosefsky of Edison Properties, LLC said “His firm’s success at litigating may be well documented and appreciated but we also savor his ability to foresee problems and draft documents that protect our interests.”

Dennis Palmer of Cohen’s Fashion Optical said “I truly believe that Adam is an angel sent by God to help our business make and save money.”

“The provisions in the leases he drafted for us he saved us so much money and were so advantageous in so many ways that I am hesitant to give away his secrets. But that is not why I consider him our angel—without giving away too much, the results he produces are simply miraculous,” said Palmer.

Bailey has also been thanked by the executive editor of the Washington Post who stated that “I could not have been more pleased with your work and the outcome.”

In addition, Bailey has been featured by almost every major print and television media outlet for his insight on real estate issues.

When perusing through his website ( with its client letters, testimonials, and press clippings, it appears that he frequently represents the underdog. When we asked Bailey if he preferred representing the Davids versus the Goliaths he retorted that “I do not have a preference for representing David more than I do Goliath. I simply cherish obtaining the result my clients desire which in some cases means winning a legal case.

Biblical David had the ability to use and master a slingshot while Goliath did not adequately prepare for the battle. Goliath failed to learn about his opponent and his weaponry. He did not properly prepare for the battle by, for example, building a shield. My law firm never stops preparing and never underestimates its opponents.”

When asked about the future of his seven attorney law firm, Bailey said “trying to build the best legal team in New York. I am always recruiting even when the recruit does not know he or she is being recruited as I understand that I am only as good as my legal team.”

When asked about whether he thinks he agrees with his client that he is the best attorney of his generation, he remarked that he “only competes with himself—in other words, when I wake up in the morning, I attempt to have the most successful and most productive day possible. I am constantly trying to better myself and to learn more each day. I do not believe in excuses. And working hard is a necessity like putting on your shoes but it does not measure success. It is only the correct entrance to the door to realizing your dreams.” Bailey said “the passion I put into every case or deal results from treating every case and deal like it is my own.”

Bailey also put this same passion into his charitable efforts as a member of the board of directors for the High School of Leadership & Public Service located in New York, New York in which he mentors students, raises money for the school, and gives motivational speeches to inspire the high school students where the majority of students come from lower income families.

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