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Chambers Associate Ranks Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. in 5 Categories Nationwide in the 2022 Associate Satisfaction Survey

Eponymous founder Adam Leitman Bailey is ranked highly in Chambers USA.  This year’s Chambers Associate rankings greatly reflect the hard work that Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. has put into fostering a desirable, inclusive, and welcoming work environment that pushes each associate to be the best they can be, while also providing remarkable legal services to their clients.

Adam Leitman Bailey has received raving reviews in the 2022 Chambers Associate guide. Below is a full review by the Chambers Associate 2022 Guide:

“In the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, Adam Leitman Bailey associates can help “create miracles” in the real estate world. “The people here are considered high-caliber and relentless characters – and I knew I needed to work with them,” declared one of our interviewees right off the bat. This description gives you a good sense of the entrepreneurial energy at Adam Leitman Bailey, a relatively young (founded in 2000) but strong player in the field, with a penchant for all things real estate and all things New York. Adam Leitman Bailey’s specialist focus was a huge draw for our interviewees: “What’s really fascinating about real estate law is that on the face of it a matter may seem like an easy contractual dispute, but when you get into it you discover that it actually touches upon so many varied areas of law.”

A recent case saw Leitman Bailey and his team spark a “new law for all developers in New York, whereby if you buy someone else’s development or multi-family building, you’re not responsible for the first developer’s defects. In New York, that rocked the industry. We’re known for making new laws and rocking the industry.” …”


Due to the size of the firm, juniors are able to “work very closely with the senior attorneys here.” This means that “mentorship comes from them easily whenever I need advice or input.” We heard that partners are “invested in my development. They’re open and willing to teach and I feel comfortable asking questions about any issues, even if I’ve made a mistake.” The reportedly kind nature of the leadership here means “they tackle issues in a very logical and blameless way. There’s a lot of guidance and problem solving.”

Juniors told us they “have the ability to really take the reins” on their careers. We heard of juniors having conversations with partners about the kind of work they want to do and receiving guidance on what the firm is looking for in the future: “They’ll take me under their wing and go through the process to allow me to develop the skills I need.” There’s a heavy emphasis on business development and juniors building a practice from the start of their careers. “They’ve been interested in getting me published on legal issues and have helped me to find topics and issues to write about that are topical,” a source told us.


Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. was ranked as a Top 10 Firm for Quality of Life for their associates. For every firm taking part in our annual interview-based research, we also invite their junior associates to respond to an online survey covering every aspect of law firm life. They complete 40 questions asking about everything from their initial views on the firm and its competitors, to their relationships with partners and clients, to the firm’s handling of D&I and pro bono. We also ask them about their expectations, aspirations and how important all these factors were when joining the profession and how those views change as they mature. Each question involves a rating, which we agglomerate here for comparison. The quality of life scores are a combination of all topics that can affect personal fulfillment at a law firm, from salary, to hours, to flexible working, to parental policy.

Chambers Associate is a career guide prepared by Chambers & Partners that “gives law students an unparalleled view into the working lives of associates at the nation’s leading law firms.” Chambers & Partners is one of the most renowned legal directories in the world. Chambers has published the leading directories of the legal profession, now producing eight legal guides covering 185 jurisdictions. Chambers is thus a highly respected and influential research and publishing company that provides rankings of the leading business lawyers and law firms from around the world. The prestigious guide covers all of the major practice areas at the national level, as well as key specialties within each state. The unbiased U.S. national rankings are compiled from the opinions of colleagues and competitors, including general counsel at Fortune 100 companies, high profile entrepreneurs building up their own private corporations and significant purchasers of legal services.

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