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Chambers Associate Ranks Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. as a Leading Law Firm for Associate Quality of Life in 2023

This year’s Chambers Associate rankings greatly reflect the hard work that Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. has put into fostering a desirable, inclusive, and welcoming work environment that pushes each associate to be the best they can be, while also providing remarkable legal services to their clients.

Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. was ranked as a Leading Firm Quality of Life for their associates. For every firm taking part in our annual interview-based research, we also invite their junior associates to respond to an online survey covering every aspect of law firm life. They complete 40 questions asking about everything from their initial views on the firm and its competitors, to their relationships with partners and clients, to the firm’s handling of D&I and pro bono. We also ask them about their expectations, aspirations and how important all these factors were when joining the profession and how those views change as they mature. Each question involves a rating, which we agglomerate here for comparison. The quality of life scores are a combination of all topics that can affect personal fulfillment at a law firm, from salary, to hours, to flexible working, to parental policy.

Chambers Associate is a career guide prepared by Chambers & Partners that “gives law students an unparalleled view into the working lives of associates at the nation’s leading law firms.” Chambers & Partners is one of the most renowned legal directories in the world. Chambers has published the leading directories of the legal profession, now producing eight legal guides covering 185 jurisdictions. Chambers is thus a highly respected and influential research and publishing company that provides rankings of the leading business lawyers and law firms from around the world. The prestigious guide covers all of the major practice areas at the national level, as well as key specialties within each state. The unbiased U.S. national rankings are compiled from the opinions of colleagues and competitors, including general counsel at Fortune 100 companies, high profile entrepreneurs building up their own private corporations and significant purchasers of legal services.

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