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“Isn’t Adam Bailey a True Super Hero Just Like You See in the Movies? We Certainly Think So …”

Dear Adam and Team:

You have my permission to publish this email. Over the past several years, you and your team have worked tirelessly and vigorously on behalf of my recently deceased senior citizen mother. My mom was referred to you by a friend. She was a senior in a rent stabilized apartment that was owned by the “landlord from hell”. My mom was in desperate need of expert legal assistance from a real estate attorney as the owner of the condo was attempting to evict her. Unfortunately, my mom had a severe lack of funds to hire an attorney and I was not in the position either to pay for the much needed legal assistance. Mr. Bailey and his team came to my moms rescue. Mr. Bailey and his firm offered to represent my mom on a pro bono basis. My mom was a defenseless senior and Adam Bailey came to her rescue. Quite frankly, we were overwhelmed by the generous offer of Mr. Bailey. My moms landlord continued to harass her over a period of years but Mr. Bailey was always there to protect her all the time.

Even when she passed away, the newest landlord tried once again to take advantage of me and my moms estate. Adam once again stepped in and took control. As you read my letter let me ask you this. Isn’t Adam Bailey a true Super Hero just like you see in the movies ? We certainly think so…

Adam, I am always in your debt……..

Thank you,


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