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“Thank you again for sharing your time, your concern and your passion.”


Thank you for another excellent experience for our students. The feedback that I have received from our students has been overwhelmingly positive. They were fascinated by the points of interest that you showed them and amazed by your passion and concern for their education. The tour is always interesting, but the fact that we didn’t have time to complete the entire tour that we had planned for this year says something about the level of engagement and the depth of information you brought to the students in the portions of the city that we saw. Several highlights for me:

• your enthusiasm for the students of [redacted] and your constant encouragement that they can accomplish whatever they set their minds to

• your answer to the young lady who asked about majoring in either education or the law in college. You told her that the important thing is that she excels in her studies now so that the doors of opportunity open for her and allow her to make any decision she wants in the future.

• Your ability to tie historic events to the lives of students today – to make history come alive for the students. One example of this is the way you discuss the life of Alexander Hamilton and how he had to overcome great obstacles to achieve, through hard work, amazing things

• And your passion in discussing the importance of doing the right thing and of helping to defend those who may not be in a position to defend themselves.

This is a very important trip for our students, and I think they recognize how fortunate they are to have this experience. Thank you again for providing lunch for us all, and thank you again for sharing your time, your concern and your passion. I am looking forward to next year’s trip already!


PS: By the way, the rain came when we were about two blocks from the bus! It didn’t dampen our spirits though…great trip.

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