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A Student Article about Adam Leitman Bailey as Tour Guide for New Milford High School’s AP US History Annual Field Trip

Published Date: May 23, 2012

AP US History Annual Field Trip

by Student Reporter Jackie Follety


Every year, the juniors in Mr. Tusa’s AP U.S. History class take a field trip to Wall Street in New York City. The students are given a tour, guided by Mr. Adam Leitman Bailey, who ranked among the top 100 lawyers on Wall Street in a recent survey. Mr. Tusa recaps the trip by saying:

“The Wall Street field trip provides the students with an excellent educational opportunity for studying the history of the Wall Street area by directly seeing the very places where these events took place, such as Fraunces Tavern and Trinity Church. What makes the tour particularly interesting is that it is guided by Mr. Adam Bailey, a former student at New Milford High School and now a successful real estate attorney on Wall Street.”

This year’s tour included detailed information about important buildings on Wall Street such as the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Hall (where Washington was sworn in); also discussed was the monumental golden bull that represents the enduring strength of the economy. Mr. Bailey, a New Milford alumnus, had quite a bit to say about the history behind the city, which made for an interesting and informative tour.

Following the walk down Wall Street, the group visited Fraunce’s Tavern, above which was the room where George Washington gave his farewell address. Mr. Bailey informed the students about the speech that Washington gave, thinking that he and his fellow soldiers were parting ways. Little did he know, his role as a leader would soon continue as the first President of the United States. After learning about all of this history, the group took a quick break on the steps of Federal Hall for a lunch that included turkey, tuna, and ham sandwiches supplied by Mr. Bailey himself. The class then gathered to take a photograph in front of a statue of Washington, a tradition on the Wall Street field trip.

Beyond Wall Street, Mr. Bailey took the group to get an optimal view of the new Freedom Tower that is currently under construction. In addition, Mr. Bailey took the group to look at the firehouse nearest to what used to be the Twin Towers. At the firehouse the students learned the story of the local heroes that left the firehouse that day and never returned. This part of the trip was solemn, but it allowed for a greater understanding of what happened in New York on September 11, 2001.

After a round of applause for the tour guide, the class walked back to the school bus with a greater knowledge of the history that surrounds us. This is one field trip that should remain as a tradition for juniors taking AP U.S. history at NMHS. The change of scenery was a much-needed escape from class following the AP test. This field trip is truly worthwhile and will continue to be a great memory for all who experienced it.


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