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Adam Leitman Bailey Receives Recognition From the Associate Professor of Neurology at Columbia University for Involvement With the Parkinson’s Disease Research Fund

Dear Mr. Bailey:

I am writing to thank you for your generous support of my research on movement disorders. These medical problems, from Parkinson’s Disease to different types of dystonias, are extremely debilitating to the people who suffer from them. My research is my effort to find new ways of treating victims of these devastating disorders with the hope of putting an end to their suffering or at least to ameliorating it to the extent possible.

Many of my patients are musicians, whose livelihood depends on their ability to use their muscles fluidly and without pain. Many of these have typical musicians’ careers that are not well remunerated, so your support also helps deliver their care at an affordable rate. It has been tremendously rewarding for me as a physician and a scientist to be able to return so many of my patients to full professional lives. It is difficult to overstate how important this is to these individuals and what a gift it is to the public who receive the many emotional, social and intellectual benefits of listening to music.

All of medical science depends on the generosity of benefactors like you who are helping us understand and solve problems that have plagued mankind for millennia. On behalf of my colleagues and the many patients who will benefit from your philanthropy, I send my deep thanks.



Steven Frucht MD
Associate Professor of Neurology



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