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Former Raymond ‘Hap’ Harrison Scholarship Recipient, Extern and later Marketing Associate, Kelly McNaughton, Finishes Top of Her Class at Rutgers Law, Begins Judicial Clerkship at the Appellate Division

Kelly has had many accomplishments since her experience as an intern at Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. during the summer of 2013. She went on to her undergraduate studies at Rutgers University, Adam’s alma mater, in 2014 and earned a degree in Business Management and Labor Studies.

“As a recipient of this scholarship, I have been able to not have to take out loans to go to college, which is something that has really been a blessing because it has allowed me to accomplish so much. I’m so grateful for it, because you know it’s hard to go to college and have these opportunities and I see my friends, you know, struggling with loans and for me it’s just freedom to do what I want, to major in what I want and really just get the most out of my experience without worrying about the financial side of it.”

In 2017, She worked at Easterseals, a non-profit that helps adults with disabilities, as a Human Resource Intern, and was also the President of Rutgers Project Sunshine, a community service organization, where she visited hospitals and helped change lives of children in need.

“Adam continues to inspire me with this generosity and his mentorship. I owe so much of my success in college to his guidance and continued support. The lessons and life skills I learned working at Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. have given me the confidence to keep getting internships and never stop asking questions.”

She continued her studies at Rutgers Law, tackling classes like Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure, and Property. In 2019, She interned at Partners for Women and Justice, an organization that represents domestic violence victims,

“I often think of my time interning in your office and how much it has helped to prepare me for law school.”

She finished top of her class at Rutgers Law School in 2021, working as the Managing Editor at Rutgers University Law Review at the same time. She has since been working as a Judicial Law Clerk having started in August.

“This has been a learning experience like no other and even as the years go by… we’re still learning from Adam, every single day, every time we contact him and I think that’s really amazing, so thank you.”

Congratulations on all of your success, Kelly!

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