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I have a leg up knowing where I’m capable of going.”

Q: Can you please state your name?

A: My name is Jennifer Teets.

Q: Could you introduce yourself, where are you from and what do you study?

A: I am from Milford, New Jersey. I study at the College of New Jersey at Ewing and currently my major is undecided but hoping to resolve that soon, in the coming year.

Q: What are your goals career wise?

A: I am headed towards a minor in public health so probably going to follow through with that. Career wise I am not too sure yet but looking forward after four years to further my education hopefully.

Q: And what is your relationship with ALB PC?

A: I was a high school summer intern for ALB PC, the summer after my junior year of high school.

Q: How did the internship at ALB PC affect your life?

A: It taught me so many things. I mean, coming from a small town, summer jobs don’t usually go beyond everything within the town. And to come and work in the city that was a huge step of independence for me as well as while in the office, just having so much responsibility put on me, and just taught me a lot about organization and just being able to be trustworthy in this setting.

Q: What skills did you learn from interning at ALB PC?

A: In addition to learning about being organized, I learned about time management, timeliness and very conscientious and thorough, I would say.

Q: And how would you say those skills helped you being successful today?

A: As said, I am in act school, compared to some of my friends and classmates, I feel like, my skills are organization and keeping on top of things. If I hadn’t worked here I see what it would probably be like as a student not on top of myself as I should be as a college student.

Q: Which skills that you learned here would you say you are most utilizing in life today?

A: I would definitely say organization and balancing my time because currently I have two jobs and it’s completely on my own time so I have to definitely manage my time [redacted]. So I definitely learned a lot that from here.

Q: I am aware that you are also the winner of the Raymond “Hap” Harrison scholarship. How has that affected your life?

A: It’s just helped tremendously. I mean, my older sister, she is just graduating, my brother is just starting college so to be able to have the freedom to go to school where I want to as a result of the scholarship is just a tremendous help.

Q: And I heard that you are currently working for one of our clients. So how did you get that job?

A: I am working at [redacted] Associates, which is a commercial real estate brokerage. And Adam has very good ties with them so I reached out to Adam for, you know, potential internship for the summer, and he directed me to them, and I went through an interview and I ended up getting that internship position. So that was Adam’s doing.

Q: How would you say has the internship compared to the scholarship helped you?

A: Just incredibly. I think about how all this experience I’ve already gained just by finishing freshman year of college. And then the scholarship in addition it’s just, it’s allowing me to do things that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to.

Q: And for how many years have you received the Raymond “Hap” Harrison scholarship?

A: I received it for just one year, this past year. And entering my sophomore year I will be receiving it again.

Q: And what does getting the second Raymond “Hap” Harrison scholarship mean to you?

A: Specifically this year it could mean a lot to me because I am considering studying abroad this spring. And again, if I wasn’t receiving the scholarship probably wouldn’t be a possibility. It’s just an incredible opportunity.

Q: And how does everything you’ve done at ALB and combined having the scholarship helped you be more successful today?

A: I mean, I just thing being able to be at the internship I am currently at. If it wasn’t from starting here, I wouldn’t have be there surrounded by some extremely successful interns. I think I wouldn’t have done as well at the school I am at. It’s just helped me being able to look at everything when I’m thinking about what career and major. I am having this experience like, I have more, I have a level up in choosing and knowing where I am capable of going. So …

Q: Is there anything else you like to add about this internship?

A: I think that’s it.

Q: Ok, great. Thank you.

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