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“Enjoy your time here, you’re going to miss it when you leave.”

I: Hello, can you introduce yourself please?

A: Hi, my name is Arpita Gentela. I’m an international student from Mumbai, India. Currently, I’m a senior at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, double-majoring in Economics and Human Resource Management and I’m a digital marketing intern at ALBPC.

I: And what are your goals career-wise?

A: My goals career-wise are to be a Human Resource Specialist in the next ten years, and I do want to get into headhunting eventually.

I: Do you feel like you’ve gotten the experience you wanted out of this internship?

A: Yes, definitely. With technology advancing today, it’s always good to have some technical knowledge about WordPress or even content migration. And I think that I’ve learned a lot and I want to hopefully start out as an employee after graduation.

I: What was your role at ALBPC? A: I was a digital marketing intern at APLBPC.

I: And what was your experience like? Can you tell me about the types of tasks that you performed?

A: I mainly performed content migration which is primarily moving content from their old website to a new website. I also took part in other projects such as social media and award management, as well as LinkedIn marketing strategies. I also took on some additional HR projects such as updating the benefits report and also assisting the Director of Marketing in hiring fall interns.

I: How did the firm help you prepare for any of these tasks?

A: We received formal training and SEO which is search engine optimization that gave us a head start on content migration, as knowing what the market is looking for is extremely important when you’re building a new website. We also received formal training in LinkedIn marketing which helped us kind of know how marketing is used in the real world.

I: And which tasks would you say you enjoyed the most?

A: I think doing SEO was very interesting as none of us were from a legal background it was very interesting trying to build traffic on their web page.

I: Did you get to work with Adam directly?

A: Yes, I did. On my first day I actually searched for a case with another attorney as well, and Adam was also helping me research on that case.

I: Who would you say you worked with the most?

A: I worked with the Director of Marketing as well as five other interns the most throughout my internship.

I: What skills did you learn at ALBPC that would be helpful in the future?

A: Knowing about WordPress SEO marketing strategies as well as how to be able to recruit interns is definitely my chunk from the whole summer internship and everything is going to be very useful for me.

I: What is the most memorable moment you had at ALBPC?

A: I think the most memorable was just coming in to work every day, being able to enjoy work alongside, getting work done was extremely memorable.

I: Do you have any comments for future interns about working here in general?

A: Enjoy your time here because you’re going to miss it once you leave.

I: Thank you, Arpita.

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