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Adam Leitman Bailey Reads “Home” Virtually to a Bergen County, New Jersey Elementary School

Hi boys and girls. Welcome to my work home. We’re in New York City, and I would like to read you my book, one of my books called Home. It’s written by me, Adam Leitman Bailey, and I’m very excited to read it to you.


There was once a boy. He lived with his family in a small, small apartment in a big, big city. A city filled with people and cars, buildings and parks.”

You see the boy he’s holding his, what he calls his teddy, and you see his parents, and the fireplace and the window.

“The boy looked down his tall window and could see all kinds of different homes.”

It’s a big window, huh?

“He wanted to see if he could find a nicer place to live He told his family his idea and off he went.”

See he’s got some Lego-type toys some blocks, and he’s showing his father the type of home he thinks he wants to move to. So let’s go explore. Oh wait isn’t it what does that called? An igloo.

And what is that? A cow I think we have an idea of some of the places he’s going to visit. Do you guys know what kind of place he’s going to visit?

“First, the boy visited a large house with a huge driveway. It even had its own basketball court and the rooms inside were very large. Outside, there was a lot of green grass. And in the backyard sata big blue swimming pool.”

Wow, what a big house! The name of the house, by the way, is Evergreen.

“Then he went to a far-away place and visited an igloo. The family that lived in the igloo had built their home out of blocks of snow.”

How do you build a home out of blocks of snow? That’s amazing! Where do you do that? I think it’s I think this time this boy went to Alaska. I think the boy should have been wearing a winter coat. Wait would you wear a winter coat if you went to a cold place?

“Outside of the igloo, the weather was very cold. So cold, you needed to wear a hat and mittens.

The boy enjoyed fishing through a hole in the ice with the other young boys and girls. Then he rode a sled and threw snowballs.”

Have you ever had a snowball fight? Have you gone fishing? And ice? Exciting stuff.

“Next, the boy visited a big farm filled with many animals.

Among other animals, the boys saw sheep, goats, pigs, ducks, and cows.”

Guess what? There’s a secret on this page that only boys and girls can see, and adults and parents cannot see it. Can you find the game that boys and girls play on this page? That boys and girls can see, but parents can’t see. Can anybody see it? What animal is this? Duck, duck goose! Duck, duck goose! See something sometimes in life there are things that only kids can see, and parents can’t see them. This is one of those times where kids are very special

“On the other side of the farm, the boy met a farmer. The farmer showed him where all the plants and vegetables grew and even gave him some corn to eat.”


“The farmer showed him how to milk a cow. Then he gave the boy some milk to drink. It was warm, sweet, and delicious.”

See milk right out of the cows. Tastes like it’s like kind of like ice cream, not exactly ice cream, but like a milkshake. It’s really good. I highly recommend your visiting a farm with an adult, and I have had some really good milk that’s been taken pumped right out of a cow. Pump maybe may not be the right word

“After the farm the boy visited a mobile home. Many mobile homes shared a large piece of land.

He saw lots of boys and girls playing games together, and he joined in.”

Here are some of the games.

Next we will look at this home. Is this a home that boys or girls can live in? Can you live in a bird’s nest?

“Next, the boy found a bird’s nest in the branches of a small tree. The nest was made out of plant stems and straw, long pieces of grass, and reeds. The birds had made these into a circle. Next to the nest, the boy saw two large birds, and inside were a baby bird and two eggs.”

Wow and look how tall the bird’s nest was and you could see the mommy and daddy birds. But can we really, can boys and girls really live in a bird’s nest? Let’s find out what do you guys think?

“Although the nest seemed to be very cozy, the boy wondered if it was just too small to fit his books and toys.”

And look what happened. Didn’t quite work out, did it?

“Finally, the boy visited a house on a lake. On this very large lake, the people used a boat to travel.

The boys and girls there could play all day in the water, swimming, fishing, canoeing, and enjoying the outdoors.”

Guess who forgot to bring a bathing suit? The boy! So he watched all the other boys and girls play with all the lake house activities, but he still had fun. It was a lot of fun to play with all these activities. There’s a lake house there, over here.

“Although the boy thought all of these homes were fun, he missed his small, small apartment in the big, big city. So the boy ran into his apartment and hugged his parents, knowing that in the entire world, his home was the best place for him because that was where his family lived.

He realized that it was not about the size of the home. And it was not about how much fun the people who lived there had. His family was what made his apartment a home and a wonderful place to live, and the boy knew that his family loved him very, very much.”

The end.

Thank you so much for enjoying the book Home with me. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. May you enjoy all the homes you visit, and especially the home that you live in, no matter how big or small it is. Have a wonderful day

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