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Catch Me if You Can

Recently a matter was brought to the attention of Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C in regards to serving a summons in lieu of a complaint on a very elusive tenant referred to as “The Subject” of our investigation and also simultaneously being investigated by the Securities Exchange Commission.

Prior to Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. being retained to handle this somewhat complicated matter another law firm and competitor had tried to bring the same action but was unsuccessful in actually serving “The Subject” simply because he just disappeared and moved out of all of his “last known” addresses without any kind of forwarding address.

Who is “The Subject”? Below is an excerpt from a United States District Judge’s Order directing a subpoena to be served on “The Subject.”

“In one of these recent matters, the SEC’s decision to raise the stakes seems to have paid off.  On Tuesday, the SEC sought enforcement of a subpoena issued to _____, relating to his formerly registered investment adviser _____., located in New York City. Judge Kimba Wood responded quickly on Wednesday, issuing an order directing compliance with the subpoena, presumably in accordance with the terms sought by the SEC.”

[redacted] the attorney in charge of handling the preparation of the Summons in Lieu of a Complaint and execution of Service on “The Subject” knew immediately that this would be an “Eddie Juhn” special. Adam Leitman Bailey is the chief operating clerk and investigative paralegal for Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. with over 20 years experience in the litigation support field and have seen my share of elusive tenants.

[redacted], on a tip was informed that recently “The Subject” may have been staying with a girlfriend in lower Manhattan at a nice apartment building with a doorman, shall we say waiting for the “smoke to clear” so to speak. Based on that knowledge [redacted] and Adam Leitman Bailey sat down and mapped out a strategy to successfully serve “The Subject.” Adam Leitman Bailey mentioned that the best approach to this particular service is to just go to the front desk of the for mentioned apartment building and just ask for “The Subject” by name without any question as to why Adam Leitman Bailey was there (usually a doorman can sniff out a process server by the servers indecisiveness). This approach is most effective because it actually gives the doorman the opportunity to respond by saying that this persons name isn’t on their guest registry.. or.. what Adam Leitman Baiely had already suspected that they would just call up to the apartment and ask for “The Subject” confirming that yes “The Subject” is in fact living there.

Upon Adam Leitman Bailey’s arrival to the apartment building, he was greeted by a doorman who asked “How can I help you”? In Adam Leitman Bailey’s experience the doormen for some of these buildings are like the “Secret Service” and protect their guests from untimely or unwanted visitors bearing some kind of bad news. With all the confidence in the world, Adam Leitman Bailey looked at the doorman and said “Can you tell “The Subject” in apartment 8F that Eddie Juhn is in the lobby to see him.” As Adam Leitman Bailey expected from the onset the doorman immediately without batting an eye called up to the apartment and talked to “The Subject. He announced Adam Leitman Bailey’s presence, hung up the phone, and said “8F.” Bingo! Got Him, upon Adam Leitman Bailey’s entering the hallway of the 8th floor “The Subject” was standing there awaiting Adam Leitman Bailey’s visit and confirmed his identity. At that time, Adam Leitman Bailey served the summons and contacted [redacted] that “The Subject” was personally served and to let the clients know that’s why Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. is the best because it gets results!

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