“Adam, his persistence and determination certainly didn’t stop.” – D.G.

By Adam Leitman Bailey

Donald Grant, Commercial Tenant and member of the Save Harlem Association

Q. To begin, could you state your name and briefly explain the situation or problem that led you to seek legal help?

A. We had a situation in Harlem whereas we were being forced to move or evicted for a lack of better word and we were offered, well, of course, some sort of compensation by Kim Co. that was not sufficient and certainly that the way to go was through legal arbitration.

Q. So how did you meet Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.? How did you come to find us?

A. Well, we found…. Adam was brought to the group through Victor Lawson. He came and he sought Adam – who came recommended from another attorney – I recommended Adam – and Adam then came to meet with us at the Harlem office and we all decided to go with Adam upon the first meeting, if I may say.

Q. Okay, well upon the first meeting what were your impressions? Initial impressions of him or of the firm?

A. Adam seemed confident and certainly capable enough of about getting the job done. I like the fact that Adam got a clear understanding very fast as to what the matter – what you say – is at hand. So, it was just to – you know – plan the strategy and how best to – you know – get to the end result. But certainly, Adam was very qualified and ready to take on the fight.

Q. Okay, was there anything notably about Adam’s strategy? Something that you remember something that you thought was really integral to the success of the case?

A. Most definitely! Adam – his persistence and determination certainly didn’t stop. The organization certainly was willing to act. The method of approach … you know – we had a rally…

Q. Were you there? No. I wasn’t there- but I am aware of it.

A. We had a rally. Yes, we certainly tried to get all the integral parts together to put the best possible – you know- whole package forward – so his organization skills, communication skills, certainly interpersonal skills came into being to make the matter work together for good.

Q. Did you end up having to go to court?

A. Oh yes, we did go to court.

Q. Okay, what happened in court? Anything specific you remember?

A. Well, I was only available one time. I was out of the country for the other. However, he seemed to be very comfortable in court as well. Approached the judge… what specifically I liked, is the fact that we were able to go into the judge’s chamber and speak to the judge privately, off the record, you know, so evidently the case was brought to the judge’s concern in a manner that it was heartfelt and one felt comfortable to speak and the judge was actually concerned as to our plea. So, that was very good – very good.

Q. Was there a determination? Can you talk a little bit about the determination of the case?

A. Yes, there was a determination and settlement was in fact reached and that it was good…- it could have been better – you always think you could always do better – you know – excellence or nothing else but the mere fact that – you know – after what a year – a long fights- back and forth up and down – you know, the meetings, its stressful, let’s face the fact – you know – and when doing business you have to move on – you know- so many unanswered questions – you know- at one point – you know- you just sort of…you try to outweigh the other side – certainly you get one end of the process – and is good when – you know- when the settlement is certainly met. So yes, you know, so what is it you say “a half a loaf is better than no loaf at all.” Certainly you take that half and you plant the seed and you move on.

Q. So, ultimately overall, you were happy with the settlement or was there anything else that you were really happy with in the end in having to use the firm, were you satisfied?

A. Oh yes, I was definitely satisfied. Adam – “good things don’t come cheap.” Certainly Adam and Adam’s firm is not economical but – you know – you get what you pay for, in the world, and – you know – in this society, certainly, it was – time and money well spent. but the end result is certainly – you know – one to be reckoned – you know- this amount
$1.57 million is certainly nothing to seize at so I certainly give thanks for that – you know – most definite.

Nicole: Great!! Thank you so much. Donald: Thank you Nicole.

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