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Community Pressure Wins Lease Extension


By: Talise D. Moorer

August 30th, 2007

Attorney Adam Leitman Bailey of the prestigious law firm specializing in such matters is the attorney of record. Contrary to sentiment expressed by some merchants concerning local politicians, Bailey told the Am News that local legislators appear eager to assist counsel and the merchants in their plight. He said that they are attempting to have the building landmarked, and proposed legislation is expected by City Council to stop demolition. Bailey stated, “By demolishing these buildings, they are ripping out Harlem’s heart and tearing out our limbs. These buildings are Harlem. These buildings are a piece of our parents, our grandparents and the hundreds of years Black Americans have assisted in making America great. From Malcolm X to the first Black architect, Black Americans have sweated in this very building to feed their children and to fight for our Civil Rights. The Save Harlem Tenant Association has hired me to make sure that this heritage lives on for another hundred years.” Legendary recorder producer Bobby Robinson, now 90 years of age, opened the first Black-owned business on 125th Street in 1946.

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Adam Leitman Bailey

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The first thing that he did was he led us to believe that we could win the case, where others had literally said ‘Hey, forget it, you’re out, you’re done. You can’t do this … Adam Leitman Bailey’s firm approached politicians. We had people come to talk, the TV media, the networks were there; they actually filmed this and it actually made the news!” How We Met Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C., The Eviction Notice, Why We Hate Lawyers, Finding an “Excellent” and “Trustworthy” Lawyer The Victories, The Multi-Million Dollar Settlement, “Standing Up For What You Believe In” “Finding an “Excellent” and “Trustworthy” Lawyer” – V.W. and J.M. “Adam, his persistence and determination certainly didn’t stop.” – D.G. Using Victory in Court, Proposing Legislation, Conducting Rallys, and Mobilizing Political Support and Media Attention, Save Harlem Association Obtains Winning & Avoids Settlement Harlem Businesses Settle Suit Against Kimco Harlem Project May Lure Big Store Developers Back Off on Grand Harlem Plans Will Harlem lose its soul? Real Estate Developers Are Major Rangel Donors Landmarking the Black cultural capital of the world Should All of 125th Street Be Declared Historic Work screeches to a halt on Kimco’s Harlem development NYers head to court to save their business Face-Off Along 125th Street: Rezoning battle: gentrification fears vs. economic gains Jackie Halpern Weinstein Speaks in the Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. State Office Building Before Manhattan Community Board 10 on Zoning and Land Use Issues With Respect to the Redevelopment of New York City’s Harlem Media Rallys to Save Harlem Media Rallys to Save Harlem

Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.